AMNESIA Media is a regulations tech company that brings marketing compliance solutions to highly regulated industries. We reduce the complexity around marketing compliance - and we help creatives, marketers, and brands reduce their marketing compliance risks. Our product, Highlyte by AMNESIA leverages the power of AI to scan content and generate instant comprehensive compliance reports that highlyte issues. Our mission is to empower culture and community through creative compliant content.

With Highlyte, we have become more aware of other highly regulated industries that are rapidly changing outside of cannabis. We are working towards expanding Highlyte across other verticals so that other industries can stay compliant and grow without worry.

AMNESIA Media Jobs


Frontend Developer

AMNESIA is seeking a talented Front-end Developer with an eye for design to join the team on a contract basis.

You'll collaborate closely with the founders and the product team to develop the front-end of our newest Marketing Tech product for the cannabis industry in the United States.