• Atom Universe AR (AURA in short) is an app running on iOS and Android allowing users to turn any real-world environment into a virtual social space. With AR, any user can create a virtual copy of a room, and invite other remote players to participate in an interactive social experience: chat, games, watching videos, taking photos, and sharing them. Every space is a shared persistent content, with 3D objects accurately matching real-world objects from the scene.

  • Mobile AR will be effectively an entrance to a virtual world from the real world and will eventually allow us to merge both worlds together. The fact that almost everything in the virtual world will have a link and connection with the real world will make the whole social experience unique and unforgettable.

  • The main benefit of AR is to allow everyone to turn his/her mobile phone with AR into a tool for 3D scanning of any real-life environment with instant uploading of a virtual copy into a cloud.

Atom Universe Jobs

Atom Universe

Senior Metaverse / Web3 & Backend Developer

  • Atom Universe is a white-label Metaverse engine that helps top brands launch exceptional experiences for their audiences while keeping control of user data, and with PlayStation-grade quality graphics running on mobile, VR and desktop.

  • Atom Universe is a Techstars 2022 company that started as the leading Metaverse on PlayStation, with 2 million downloads: we bring to brands the best practices of the gaming industry and enable them to beat their competitors by launching a dedicated Metaverse in less than 30 days.

  • Our clients include the biggest names in entertainment, sport, and consumer brands as well as event management agencies working for amazing brands. 

  • We are looking for a Senior Metaverse / Web3 & Backend Developer.

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