Bluejay Finance is a capital-efficient protocol for multi-currency stablecoins as the base layer for the monetary architecture of the future. Every stablecoin issued is backed by protocol-owned liquidity.

The introduction of USD stablecoins has allowed individuals and businesses to not only pay and receive payments but also to gain access to a wide variety of financial services like money exchanges (ie Uniswap), savings (ie Celsius), investments (ie Synthetix), asset management (ie Yearn), etc. This has helped reduce inequality by democratizing access to financial services, even for the underbanked population (ie Nigerians using DAI). However, most stablecoin solutions are centered around USD and not designed for other currencies. This means that users do not have a choice of having exposure to currencies other than USD in the DeFi space.

By having stablecoins of different currencies around the world on the blockchain, we lower the barrier for businesses and individuals in these countries to transact with minimized currency exchange risk. This helps to widen the product offerings of existing DeFi companies that provide crypto invoicing (ie Request), streaming payments (ie Sablier), etc.

Stablecoin users are users or protocols which use the different stablecoins minted by Bluejay. They benefit from having the flexibility of choosing what currency exposure they will like to have. These stablecoins are fully backed by the protocol's liquidity and can be redeemed for reserve assets on the decentralized exchanges anytime. As a stablecoin user, you benefit from a rent-free stablecoin with deep liquidity. These stablecoins are not yield-bearing in nature but could be used as primitives in other protocols that support savings, lending & borrowing, or asset management. Bluejay welcomes collaboration from protocols & businesses that would like to diversify their risk, provide users who prefer different underlying assets on their investments, or grow DeFi adoption in various countries.

The ultimate goal of Bluejay Finance is to lower inequality by providing and enabling equal access to low-cost financial services for all.

Bluejay Jobs


Smart Contract Engineer

As a smart contract engineer, you will be working on attractive product offerings that may involve integration with other protocols. You will also be actively involved in the risk assessment of the protocol to ensure the safety of our product is of top priority.

Our team is a tenacious, geeky, and optimistic group, working towards a decentralized financial future. You’ll be joining a highly technical team that values shipping beautiful, usable products to give people real control over their financial future.

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