Crypto Smartlife is an artificial intelligence-powered end-to-end thematic crypto basket investment platform. It provides an easy yet smarter way to invest in a basket of coins in less than 2 minutes, without requiring the user to create a separate exchange account. Coins from the top 100 Crypto market capitalization coins are basketized based on popular themes in the crypto, Blockchain, Metaverse, and Web 3 ecosystems. Investors could compare their basket investments with other alternative investments and take decisions based on their individual risk appetite and investment preferences.

Crypto SmartLife Jobs

Crypto SmartLife

Engineering Head

Promising High growth potential funded Pre-seed Fintech/crypto startup based out of Singapore & India. The current founding team includes ex- employees from IBM, AnZ Bank, Google, JPMC, Verizon, etc. Looking to expand the core founding and leadership team! We are looking for an Engineering Head to join their team.

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