The company along with its key partners provides Turnkey solutions in the space of CBRN Defence shelters, Silent Room for anti-Espionage and EMP Hardening of critical assets, through high technology electric and electronic components, measuring devices and systems, high technology gas sensors and gas filters and measuring devices and providing EM simulations and reliability audits incorporating Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Envirya is also working on building cutting edge RPA platform for SME and Large enterprises, with military-grade security to empower your business with today’s cutting edge digital workforce capabilities by automating processes, thereby unleashing human potential by liberating them from manual and tedious tasks.

Envirya Jobs


Full Stack Python Developer

We are seeking a skilled Full Stack Python Developer to join our team immediately. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of experience in developing complex web applications using Python (Flask), Ubuntu, and React

sql javascript python react-js kubernetes docker