Index Coop was launched to democratize access to complex crypto strategies. By bringing together the best resources and brightest heads in the space, we’re making our vision come true. We’re a community of finance professionals, engineers, DeFi experts, meme-makers, content marketers and crypto enthusiasts focused on making crypto investing simple. Together we launch, grow, and maintain the most trustworthy crypto indices on the market.

Index Coop builds simple yet powerful tokens which help you access a range of complex crypto strategies. We offer a broad variety of tokens to individuals and institutions – covering index strategies, leveraged strategies and yield strategies too. All our tokens are easy-to-understand, secure and cost efficient – for crypto natives and newbies, institutions and retail.

Our sector indexes hold the top tokens of specific crypto themes, such as DeFi or the Metaverse, while our leverage or inverse tokens (e.g. FLI series) help you leverage a collateralized debt position in a hassle-free and efficient way. You benefit from reduced transaction costs and execution risk, helping you spend time on more important things.

We fundamentally believe that blockchain technology is the greatest innovation of our time. It is set to drastically disrupt and improve industries and the ways people live, work, and play. In the process, enormous opportunity and wealth may be created. But unlike with previous revolutions, this time the upside is more openly available to the broader public instead of just the select few. Historically, the companies shaping our future only went public when much of the value had already accrued. Most of the time, attractive economic opportunities were reserved for the elite or insides.

But crypto turns this upside down, via its open, permissionless ecosystem. We at Index Coop are building the tools that help you gain access to this host of new opportunities. And the thing that makes on-chain structured products really a game-changer? Anyone in the World can access them, regardless of wealth, race, religion, gender, or any other attribute. To optimize your long-term exposure to this powerful rising tide, you need nothing but an address and a wallet.

Index Coop Jobs

Index Coop

Smart Contract Engineer

We are looking for an experienced smart contract engineer to help us invent the next generation of DeFi products. Our team is passionate about quality and secure smart contracts. Come build with us!

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