We are a company with a mission of making this world a better and smarter place to live in. Our course strength lies in the field of data science and analytics. Additionally, we also provide consultancy services in business process management & optimization as well as strategic electronics & IT solutions. As distances decrease and connectivity increases, we feel that the "Internet of Things"​ is definitely an enabler for your dreams. If you can think it, we can make it. Ideologically we are believers of open-source technology and leverage the same to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients

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Pythian Technologies Pvt Ltd

Full Stack Engineer

Post 26/11 Mumbai attacks, India is shoring up its coastal surveillance and maritime intelligence gathering apparatus. The country faces major threats from the sea. We, in partnership with our Israeli counterparts, are developing AI & ML-based solutions which detect suspicious vessels and threats at Sea and automatically alert national security and intelligence networks to take pre-emptive actions. This is an amazingly exciting and interesting challenge to solve, which has several spin-offs in diverse domains. We will assist you with coaching, handholding, and mentorship in the maritime domain before putting you on the job.


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