Republic is the private investing platform for investors seeking high growth potential.  Republic is where both accredited and non-accredited investors meet entrepreneurs and access high-growth potential deals across a range of private markets. Republic was founded by alumni from AngelList, the largest online platform for private investing. Since then, we have built a team and a network of the top people from the startup, venture capital, and investment worlds.

Thanks to Republic and the JOBS Act, anyone can become an investor in private markets and invest directly in highly-vetted startups, real estate, video games, local businesses, growth-stage companies, crypto, music, litigation finance and more. The Republic ecosystem has deployed over $800 million in investments, has supported over 600 companies, and boasts a community of over 1.5M users across 100 countries.-Republic’s success has been built off our hundreds of sourced private deals, all available for investment from you with as little as $10 or as much as $107,000.

Republic brings opportunities to you within a click of a button. What you decide to invest in is up to you. Here are the types of private investments you’ll find on Republic:

1) Startups: Startups are young companies that look for funding to fuel the growth of a new business.

2) Crypto: Crypto is a digital asset built on blockchain technology—investors are able to participate in cutting-edge technology.

3) Music & the Arts: Music & the Arts investing is a way for avid fans, investors, and communities to fund projects they love and receive a financial stake in return.

4) Video games: Video game investments fuel the creation of a game and are often revenue-generating, meaning they allow an investor to earn passive income from game sales.

5) Real Estate: Real Estate can range from fix-and-flips, city-specific funds, investing in buildings, digital real estate, and even innovative real estate technologies.

6) Litigation Finance: Litigation Finance is the practice of providing capital to a plaintiff with the expectation that a portion of the financial settlement would be paid back to the capital provider as a potential return on investment.

7) Local business: Local business investing involves funding the operations, expansion, or other efforts of a business. This type of investing is often structured as a debt investment where investors may receive passive income repayments.

8) Exclusive offerings: Exclusive offerings are available to accredited investors. Apply to the Deal Room to learn more.

-The benefits of the Republic platform, optimized for accredited investors. Access a curated investor portal for unique private investment opportunities.

-Seek funding from a wider base of diverse investors while simultaneously growing a loyal base and leveraging Republic’s private investment network.

-The first ever profit-sharing token that pays out when certain startups and private equities that raise with Republic sell or go public.

When you invest, you're investing in the success of founders, artists, entrepreneurs and creators. We’ve made it our mission to expand access to innovative investments, empower individuals through education and give people the power to invest in the future they believe in.

Republic Jobs


Blockchain Architect

We are looking for a Blockchain Architect to join the Republic Crypto Technical Due Diligence department in shaping the future of Web3 and blockchain industries. You will be part of a highly professional team of blockchain experts to vet the cutting-edge blockchain projects and scrutinize blockchain architecture of protocols at the code level and the design of mechanisms at the level of economic models. 

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