Developers are the unsung heroes of web3 and deserve far better platforms and support on their way to building their applications and chains. Many in the crypto community believe that sovereign chains communicating freely with one another is the future for crypto infrastructure, and that now is the right time to move in that direction. However, most native crypto developers, not to mention web2 developers coming into web3, forgo being a part of this vision because they find the upfront investment and effort too high, only to see their projects constrained once they grow. Saga makes this vision accessible. We are a protocol for automatically provisioning application-specific blockchains in the multichain metaverse, or multiverse. We are building this by rearchitecting developer and end user interactions with blockchains. Using shared security, innovations in validator orchestration, and an automated CI/ CD deployment pipeline standardized across apps in single tenant VMs, Saga makes launching a dedicated blockchain, or chainlet, as easy as deploying a smart contract.

Saga’s initial focus will be on gaming and entertainment chains. Not only do these applications have the most urgent need for dedicated runtime environments and close to 100% SLA, they are also the fastest growing sector in web3 with the most immediate potential for mass appeal. As the metaverse expands, performance requirements and end user expectations are climbing higher and higher, and crypto-based applications have to deliver.

Web3 has already evolved to the point where new infrastructure configurations and token mechanisms are necessary to keep up with the growth of the industry and incredible influx of end user interest, the potential of which is still untapped. Saga’s unique network and token design meet this moment. For new developers, developers at established projects looking to grow and the end users they all support, a new protocol needs to bridge to the multiverse.

Your journey starts here!

Saga Jobs


Blockchain Infra Engineer - Remote

Our vision is ambitious, and we need the smartest and most determined engineers to join us on our journey. We are a world class team of veteran web3 entrepreneurs and builders from Ignite (Tendermint), Apple, Twitter, NVIDIA and Skuchain, and we’re looking to grow.

We offer a flexible, remote working environment. You can expect a warm welcome from a friendly and international team that will support you in your personal and professional growth. This is an exciting opportunity to take an active part in the blockchain space and contribute to the decentralization of the future.

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