A play-to-earn video app for global sports

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Mobile App Developer

Shreem's next-gen social, sports app:

  1. Shreem allows users to earn SHRM for the actions they take in the app, such as sharing sports image highlights, commenting on content, participating in contests, etc.

  2. SHRM can be used in-app for promoting/boosting content (or can pay via credit card)

  3. Today, for most cryptos - less than 1% of HODLers own 99% of the crypto, which is WORSE than the existing money system. For SHRM crypto - 23% of total supply is put into the Shreem Earth fund. Users with SHRM in-app can submit projects to help the Earth & vote on them. Winning projects are awarded additional SHRM!

  4. App is developed in React Native + Firebase

react-native firebase