Sylon is a micro-investing app that rounds up transactions made with a credit/debit card and automatically invests the “spare change” into a portfolio that suits the customer. The portfolios are made from ETFs and range from conservative (lots of bonds) to aggressive (all stocks and real estate). Also, the app provides a finance academy. Sylon will be the Acorns of Mexico with a section of a finance Khan Academy.

Sylon Capital Jobs

Sylon Capital


The company is a micro-investing robo advisor app startup for Android and IOS that uses automation tools to facilitate long-term investing in diversified portfolios. The user-friendly platform will target young, tech-savvy, and provide them with an opportunity to save and invest on the go.

The MVP is already made. They are looking for someone that can understand the code and be able to handle it when we start operations.

Their below-market salary will be compensated with the corresponding equity, so we are looking for someone who believes in the company's mission and vision.

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