UltraGenius Jobs


Tech content writer - Web3

We are looking for a Technical Writer with experience in Web3 to produce high-quality documentation that contributes to the overall success of our products. You will join a team of talented tech writers who work collaboratively with developers, quality engineers, product managers, and usability experts to make our products easier to use.



WEB3- Senior Software Engineer (Distributed System)

The client is a VC-backed company that works on applied cryptography and we specialize in private key management software. Our company vision is to proliferate the usage of cryptographic keys to enable use cases that empower the individual. Our solution allows for applications to set up a public key infrastructure while maintaining flows that end-users are familiar with. You can (git) check out all of our open-source code at https://github.com/torusresearch. We’re heavily execution-driven, flexible and impact-focused.


Our aim is to provide a seamless user experience to the applications that integrate us, ultimately driving adoption in the ecosystem. You will work hands-on on Web3Auth, and various tools and rapidly deliver innovative solutions.

helm golang rust nodejs kubernetes aws terraform docker


Sr React Native app developer

We are looking for a Sr. React Native Engineer to join our client's team as a part-time developer and assist them with their app development

react-js react-native typescript


IoT Full stack engineer - N-Risk

As a Full-Stack Developer & Tech Lead at our IoT startup, you will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining our IoT platform, as well as expanding our capabilities into full-stack app development with user management, chart libraries, and DevOps. Your expertise in Node.js, TypeScript/React, AWS Cloud Architecture, and additional relevant technologies will be essential in building scalable and performant applications. In addition, your strong communication skills and passion for fast-paced startup culture will contribute to the growth and success of our team.


react-js nodejs aws jenkins docker


QA Tester - Automation & Manual

The client is looking for an experienced QA Tester to join their team. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring the product is thoroughly tested and free of bugs



Neetish- Founding Frontend Engineer

We build developer infrastructure for the future of finance. We’re unlocking financial freedom for everyone, starting with the developer. As the leading universal and composable decentralized finance infrastructure platform, we’ve built the world-class developer tooling needed to make building on the blockchain frictionless.

Developers and companies worldwide use our tool to build incredible applications and systems that leverage permissionless financial technologies — lending markets, yield protocols, staking, decentralized exchanges, and more. Our customers’ onboarding experience and home are through our web dashboard, where they use Axel to manage their API keys as well as instantiate, debug, monitor, and launch their apps.

We are extremely well funded by phenomenal investors and some of the brightest minds in technology, giving us many years of runway and the ability to provide significant equity, pay competitive salaries, and offer great benefits.

vue javascript react-js angular-js typescript


Fullstack - Python developer

  • The client is looking for a Software developer to work on their startup. It's an early-stage “moonshot” project, that aims to speed up frontier STEM research.

  • First, we’re building a social platform where people from around the world can easily read and understand breakthrough AI research. Read more about it here: alpha.denselayers.com/about.

  • Right now the client is a solo dev, so I’m looking for a developer to pair-program with!

  • It’s an ideal role for a mid/senior level engineer open to a part-time project.

javascript python django


Backend Developer -CPRS

The clients are an established company from Europe looking for a strong Backend developer for a Fintech+crypto project which revolves around creating a platform for wealth management.

sql blockchain typescript nodejs kubernetes mongodb grafana


Cyprus company - Senior Product Manager/Owner

The clients are an established company from Europe looking for a dedicated Product Manager/Product Owner for their platform. You will be starting off initially as a part-timer resource who will soon get converted into full-time.