UltraGenius Jobs


Senior Software Engineer - Sean

We're looking for a thoughtful and creative Senior Engineer to join our team. You are someone who feels pride in writing code you are proud of, you enjoy creating new user experiences and solving fun technical problems. You lean into opportunities to learn unfamiliar technologies in order to solve a wide range of problems. You care first and foremost about doing what’s necessary to enable Gooey.AI to make Generative AI accessible to everyone. You delight in helping people and having a joyful work environment.

nlp devops python react-js django


Machine Learning & AI Engineer - Imagine

We are currently seeking a talented and highly motivated Machine Learning & AI Engineer to join our dynamic team. As a leading platform in the field of 3D rendering and content creation (images, videos, AR viewers, and product configurators), we are looking to enhance our capabilities by integrating the power of AI and machine learning. This role will involve developing and implementing advanced machine-learning algorithms and models to empower our customers in creating realistic content efficiently. Additionally, you will enable them to effortlessly generate 3D models using various mediums such as text, images, and drawings. The ideal candidate will possess a strong passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies and will bring prior experience in training image-based machine-learning models.

tensorflow python pytorch


SRE Engineer

The client is looking for an SRE engineer who is comfortable with night shifts.





Full-Stack Software Engineer - iOS

The client is seeking an experienced full-stack developer backend heavy to lay the technical foundation of our platform. The platform includes ingesting and processing various energy data sources, publishing external APIs, and building user interfaces related to Apple home kits

swift nodejs ios


Shopify Developer

  • We are looking for Shopify developers who are comfortable programming on the Shopify platform. They should have development experience, in-depth understanding, and distinct perspectives of all things to specialize in all the Shopify projects.

  • The chosen candidate should be able to create a bespoke development using the existing Shopify templates. Besides that, they must also know how to convert mock-ups and specifications into complete functional solutions.

  • He/she must also know how to update and modify the existing websites to enhance the UX/UI design or add new features. They must also know how to test and develop 3rd-party Shopify apps and customize and create Shopify accounts.

web3 PHP


Sr. Fullstack Engineer - Frontend - KSuites

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will translate Figma designs into functional UI components and backend functionalities, meticulously implement features, and test them rigorously to ensure top-notch quality. Following light Agile practices, you will break down tasks into well-defined tickets, estimate ticket sizes, and organize tasks into 1-week sprints. Proactive problem-solving and collaboration with the team is essential to the role.

react-js typescript postgres figma


Sr.Software Engineer (Golang) - Th-Frameworks

The client has a requirement for a  Sr.Software Engineer – Golang. This is a remote-based position and candidates are expected to be available for full 8 hrs (as per client specifications).   The total experience required is around 6 years,  with  4 years of solid hands-on experience in Golang.

sql azure golang nodejs postgres aws jenkins


Nav - Staff Engineer

We are looking for a skilled and experienced Staff Engineer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge and experience with Go language, and a proven track record of leading teams and planning successful engineering sprints.

azure devops golang kubernetes


React developer

We are looking for an experience react developer who has an extensive understanding of draw.io and other charting libraries.



Back-End Lead Developer - Quantela

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and build performant modern web applications and services. Build high-quality web applications and services by writing clean and modular code

sql elastic-search nodejs redis