Backend Software Engineer

Job Description

  • At Mintted we have created a social exchange platform where artists can tokenize their communities and allow their fans to become true partners of their work. We are looking for a Backend Software Engineer to join their team. 

  • We are looking for someone who breathes Backend NodeJS software development and is very proud of their system architecture skills! We want clean, modular, and reusable code. The key knowledge area needed is SailsJS. We are a completely decentralized team, working remotely with great freedom in working hours, but with deep respect and value for work delivery. 

Job Requirements

  • High experience with Sails.JS (most important)

  • Responsive web design and CSS development with tailwinds

  • Understands REST best security practices, sanitization, validation, error handling, and logging (tell me your favorite node logging framework)

  • Unit testing expertise

  • Dev ops experience on AWS, building servers, configuring credentials, vpcs, endpoints, and services that AWS offers. Knowledge of unix and security ++

  • Experience using NoSQL databases, with additional knowledge of how to handle concurrent database locking problems and caching layers

  • Please have portfolio pieces ready to display and walk through, things you have built yourself that you are proud of, and constructed when honing your craft.

  • Excellent written and verbal English skills for communication, self-starter, and can-do attitude.

  • Experience with API programming, JWT, stateless sessions, and using external APIs to solve problems.

Interview Process

  • 3 interviews. 1st interview with Diego (non-technical / fitment check)

  • 1-hour live code - Final round

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Web back end developer




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