DevOps Engineer

Job Description

  • You are comfortable automating and maintaining cloud infrastructures. You are passionate about learning tools and services, with superb troubleshooting skills, enthusiasm for automating everything, and a sense of ownership.

Job Responsibilities

  • As part of the team, you’ll help architect, build, and implement redundant, resilient, scalable, self-sustaining, and self-healing cloud infrastructures such as AWS. We utilize a variety of automation tools (Chef, Terraform, Packer) along with cloud vendor-specific tools (CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Beanstalk).

  • Besides client-related project work, you will be participating in internal demo/idea generation/blog posts in order to bring new initiatives and new tools to be implemented with our clients.

Job Requirements

Ideally, you have worked with the following tech stack for 3 years or you’ve been learning about the concepts of:

  • Experience with the full software development lifecycle and delivery using Agile practices

  • Hands-on experience with code merging and promotion and building and managing CI/CD workflows and tools.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate core DevOps concepts (CI/CD, Agile & Automation)

  • Knowledge of IP networking, VPNs, DNS, load balancing, and firewall

  • Understanding of cloud-native security requirements

  • All things AWS, AWS-CLI, and AWS SDKs

  • Linux

  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform or Cloudformation/CDK)

  • Orchestration tools (Kubernetes/EKS or ECS)

  • Configuration Manager tools (Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, or Ansible)

  • Containers (Docker or Docker-Compose)

  • Scripting (Bash, Python, Ruby, Go, or Javascript)

  • CI/CD tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, or similar)

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Always collaborating to Team Work efforts (Teamwork savvy)

  • A love for Documentation

  • Ability to scope out requirements for tasks

  • Have Knowledge and experience with Agile practices

  • Eager to learn and always get new certifications

  • The ability to communicate with stakeholders from different backgrounds

What to expect

First Week

  • Start with the onboarding process by incorporating you into a DevOps Team.

  • Set up all your access and security policies.

  • Learn about nClouds practices, values, and solutions

  • Complete onboarding process.

First Month

  • Knowledge transfer sessions with team members.

  • Start joining customer calls.

  • Start working on customer's tasks

  • Start to get involved in presenting in Friday demos

  • Be fully ramped up and integrated into the team.

  • Propose solutions that satisfy customers' needs.

  • Targeting to complete nClouds' OKR and KPI

  • Collaborate on internal nClouds projects (like nCode)

First 3 Months

  • Develop and improve current operational practices and procedures

  • Become a productive, collaborative, and consistent contributor to the team.

  • Develop your skills by getting certifications.

  • Participate proactively in internal nClouds activities.

First Six Months

  • Provide guidance to new nClouds members.

  • Being certificated in tools/technologies of your interest.

  • Design infrastructures and solutions for incoming projects.

  • Work Independently on the project assigned

First Year

  • Always collaborating to Team Work efforts

  • Provide guidance and directions frequently for project/client work

  • Contribute significantly to all project/client efforts

Perks & Benefits

Work From Anywhere:

At nClouds, we are proud to adopt a fully remote work system where all team members have the discretion to work everywhere. With such a remote model, you will be able to have a real work-life balance and enjoy more time with your family.

A Diverse Collaborative Team:

You will be surrounded by a team who hail from over 16 countries, backgrounds, and cultures. Our diversity is our strength and an immense source of pride. We believe having diverse talent collaborate in an inclusive environment helps us to be a better, stronger company.

Opportunities for Growth:

  • Training, certifications & technical mentoring

  • Access to Udemy business courses

  • Career coaching sessions

Wellness Programs:

  • Mindfulness Sessions

  • Yoga classes

  • Free Gym

Our employees are our greatest strength, so we’ll support your career development, reward your accomplishments, and help you achieve your personal goals. We’re growing fast and need creative thinkers who embrace the challenges of innovation, a changing marketplace, and exceeding customer expectations.

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