Ethereum Smart Contract Developer

Job Description

Smart contract being critical pieces of software, you will need to follow rigorous security processes. You will need an extremem attention to details. Keeping up to date with solidity and new vulnerability types will be crucial.

The Ethereum ecosystem is innovating quickly; so above all, you will be learning new things all the time.

Job Responsibilities


Job Requirements

  • Solidity.

  • Understanding of basic cryptographic tools (hash functions, asymetric cryptography, merkle trees, etc).

  • General Computer Security skills (computer security classes, participation in CTFs, earning bug bounties, etc).

Appreciated Knowledge:

  • Vyper.

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine and Inline Assembly.

  • Ethereum scalability tools currently being developed.

  • Cross-chain communication methods.

  • Basic understanding of economy and game theory.

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Job Type

Full time payroll


Smart contract programmer

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