Front End Engineer

Job Description

The company is a Matrix-based end-to-end encrypted messenger and collaboration app. It’s decentralized so that users can be digitally sovereign (own and control their own data). the company operates on the open Matrix network to provide interoperability between other messenger and collaboration apps.

Job Responsibilities

  • You'll spend most of your time working on the company app the flagship Matrix client built with React.

  • As a Software Engineer, you will contribute directly to the code base and work with Product Managers and Product Designers to turn their dreams into reality.  your voice will help shape the company into the world's best decentralized encrypted messaging client.

  • There are many interesting technical challenges to be had working on, especially around cryptography and performance, as well as the need to provide a great user experience. The team is small, experienced, and dedicated to the mission.

Job Requirements

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Smart, curious, and enthusiastic

  • Passionate about building software people love

  • A tireless advocate of code quality (understanding the need for trade-offs in the short term whilst keeping us honest in the long term)

  • Empathetic with both their colleagues and the end-user

Your Experience And Qualifications

  • Experience with development in React and Typescript

  • Experience with unit testing using Jest or a similar web test framework

  • Good understanding of the web and client-server design

  • A passion for product development and working closely with Product Managers and Designers

Interview Process

  • 30 min call(Personality Test)

  • Offline coding test (1-2 hours)

  • Paired programming with two engineers(Live)

  • Final interview with the hiring manager

react-js product typescript jest

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Job Type

Full time payroll




Web front end developer


London United Kingdom


Company Size


Total Raised

US$ 30M

ultraGenius: a fresh start

Ultragenius has given me a new start in my life. I always wanted to start my gig and work as a freelancer for good clients, and these guys have helped me accomplish my long term goal in only 3rd year of my career. They are highly supportive and helpful. I am grateful that I got a chance to work with them.

Mahesh Inder, Reactjs Dev

Excellent guys

Shailesh is excellent person to work with if your startup or organisation is finding talent for your web3 product and he is also helping developers and builders in web3 to find great team to work remotely. so he is creating win-win situation for both.

Mitul Gajera, web3