Rust Developer

Job Description

We are looking for a Rust Developer (with 2-6years of experience) to join our cutting-edge development team as it grows. The candidate must be comfortable working in an agile environment and has the ability to take the lead when necessary.


Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing the product as per the product specification defined by the product managers

  • Responsible for performing research on the best methods of implementing the requirements

  • Author and curate technical documentation to support delivery, maintenance, and adoption

  • Work with programmers, engineers, and management heads to identify process improvement opportunities, propose system modifications, and devise governance strategies to optimize the overall performance

  • Design and develop automated deployment and maintenance mechanisms

  • Solving development challenges and making architectural decisions by understanding the larger picture of the goals of the project

  • Expanding your existing skill-set, and picking up on various rust-dependent frameworks

  • Confidently communicating and collaborating with your fellow developers in a remote team environment


Job Requirements

  • Must have experience in Rust programming language

  • Have excellent knowledge of different data structures and algorithms

  • Working knowledge of any other programming language Python, Java, or JavaScript is good to have

  • Experience with, or understanding of, Kafka or Redis, Cloud infrastructure services, Docker is an added advantage

  • Experience with SQL or NoSQL databases, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, etc.

  • Experience in Backend and APIs development

  • Experience in analysing and optimizing the platform’s performance

  • Excellent verbal communication skills

sql javascript python rust mongodb docker

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Full time payroll


Smart contract programmer




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ultraGenius: a fresh start

Ultragenius has given me a new start in my life. I always wanted to start my gig and work as a freelancer for good clients, and these guys have helped me accomplish my long term goal in only 3rd year of my career. They are highly supportive and helpful. I am grateful that I got a chance to work with them.

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Shailesh is excellent person to work with if your startup or organisation is finding talent for your web3 product and he is also helping developers and builders in web3 to find great team to work remotely. so he is creating win-win situation for both.

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