Senior Data Scientist (Computer Vision)

Job Description

In this role, you will work with cutting-edge technologies, research new areas, think out of the box, and inspire engineers working with you to do the same. You will create the technological future of automotive insurance and small damage repair space.

Job Responsibilities

In this role, you can expect to:

Support the design & architecture of core AI/ML modules that power the highly differentiated products by leveraging Deep Learning, Classical Machine Learning and system architecture expertise. ·

Work with a highly energetic and qualified team of AI experts in a fast-paced environment.

Hold the responsibility for all deliverables produced by you. Conduct accuracy audits, stress testing to ensure that the AI models you deliver are robust, accurate and efficient.

Keep abreast of the latest technological trends related to ML and AI.

Prepare yourself to become a recognized thought leader in at least one niche of your interest.

Learn and grow as a well-rounded AI/ML practitioner by being exposed to a broad variety of AI/ML problems, the highest level of rigor and experience with owning some of the most challenging AI/ML projects in the field.

Job Requirements

Have BE / BTech / BS / ME / MS in engineering, mathematics or computer science.

Have 5+ years of experience as a (senior) data scientist working on computer vision topics with at least 1.5 years in OCR or NLP.

Have hands-on experience with Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe, DeepStream, etc.

Have a strong foundation in core Computer Vision, Deep Learning, ML and Statistical Inference concepts.

Be experienced in guiding junior members of the team.

You’re also eager to pick up new technologies such as unsupervised learning.

Have an experience in GANs and Synthetic data generation.

You can read an ML / AI paper, understand it in a good depth, and quickly implement the core concept.

Enjoy spending hours coding away on a terminal. Preferably in Python, C, C++.

You think-through the design of your algorithm to avoid logical flaws and redundancies.

You love brevity, but never trade readability for brevity. Git push is your hygiene routine, just like brushing your teeth every day.


Added Value:

Prior experience with automotive InsureTech, damage detection, small damage repairs domain is a plus. 

Prior experience with Synthetic data generation in an operational context is a plus.

Hands-on experience with deploying the models and algorithms on Azure ML is a plus. 

Hands-on experience with Data Pipeline Engineering, and ML Ops is a plus. 

Interview Process

1. Screening 

2. Tech round 

tensorflow C++ pytorch

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Full time payroll


Machne learning developer

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In this role, you will work with cutting-edge technologies, research new areas, think out of the box and inspire engineers working for you to do the same. You will create the technological future of the automotive insurance and small damage repair space.

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