Senior Fullstack Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a software developer/engineer to join our stellar team. The right candidates will have a lot of autonomy and leadership on the engineering team.

Job Responsibilities


  • Work closely with a team of engineers and designers to deliver state-of-the-art user experience in BBS suite of social products 

  • Work closely with the lead engineer and the CTO (TBH), to train and manage the Product, Engineering and Design team

  • Write and review code - You will be expected to write scalable codes and review and approve codes from team members before committing to the codebase.

  • Gather and document software requirements for the products & features 

  • Establish technical standards, tools, processes, and controls for each of the company’s projects

  • Interact and collaborate with other engineers, designers and team members to implement new ideas and workflow systems

  • Design and prototype new concepts and features 

  • Perform Code Reviews and documentation of 

  • Design, implement, and operate our most critical and scalable services - ranging from user identity services, friend graph, and our core persistence layer

  • Work across teams to understand product requirements, evaluate trade-offs, and deliver the solutions needed to build innovative products

  • You evaluate, appropriately test, and debug your work, striving for high quality

  • Advocate for and apply best practices when it comes to availability, scalability, operational excellence, and cost management

  • Leverage data to understand our users and our product in-depth, identify areas of opportunity and execute projects to drive user growth, retention, and/or engagement

  • Design, implement the new-user features of our Web applications.

  • Collaborate with the design and product teams to create a world-class product experience.

  • Mainly focus on the Frontend development, while actively participating the backend system design and implementation.

  • Promote robust and maintainable code, clear documentation, and deliver high-quality work on a tight schedule.

  • Work closely with product managers and designers to deliver state of the art user experience in the above products mentioned;

  • Build world-class products, which combine usability, accessibility, elegance, performance, and maintainability;

  • Adopt automated and manual test strategies to ensure product quality;

  • Learn and understand how TikTok product works and help build end-to-end solutions;

  • Learn and grow from working with great colleagues and taking on challenges;

  • Help our team grow from your expertise, experience, and perspectives.

Job Requirements

  • Must have an Experience with React Native, NodeJS, Flutter, and GraphQL

Interview Process


react-native nodejs flutter fullstack

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Job Type

Part time


Full stack developer backend heavy

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