Senior Metaverse / Web3 & Backend Developer

Job Description

  • Atom Universe is a white-label Metaverse engine that helps top brands launch exceptional experiences for their audiences while keeping control of user data, and with PlayStation-grade quality graphics running on mobile, VR and desktop.

  • Atom Universe is a Techstars 2022 company that started as the leading Metaverse on PlayStation, with 2 million downloads: we bring to brands the best practices of the gaming industry and enable them to beat their competitors by launching a dedicated Metaverse in less than 30 days.

  • Our clients include the biggest names in entertainment, sport, and consumer brands as well as event management agencies working for amazing brands. 

  • We are looking for a Senior Metaverse / Web3 & Backend Developer.

Job Responsibilities

  • Deliverables

  • Diagnosing and fixing back-end performance issues

  • Help fix bugs

  • Help in a game creation within our metaverse (based on Unreal)

  • Help with server / back office management

  • Designing and implementing new features and systems

  • Client-side builds for mobile (iOS/Android), PS4, and PC

Job Requirements

We are looking for developers who have extensive experience in:

  • C++

  • UE4

  • Unreal development /UE4 Project Launcher and build chains

  • Knowledge of source control systems such as Perforce, Git, SVN, etc…

  • Network replication

  • Client-server architecture

  • Gameplay systems

With strong experience in:

  • Mobile development

  • Web technology (JS, HTML5 etc…)

  • VR development

  • Use or knowledge of IAP (In-App Purchases) on mobile platforms

  • Cloud-based technology providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc…

Knowledge of Web3 is preferred but not required, including:

  • Blockchain technologies/development

  • NFT games development

  • Cryptocurrencies

Other preferable experiences:

  • UI development e.g. UMG/Slate or similar etc…

  • Console development (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, handheld, etc…)

  • Build chain integrations/SCM such as Jenkins, Gitlab, etc…

Candidates must have at least 5 years of professional experience in the games (or a related) industry and have a minimum of 2 published titles.

Advantages of working with Atom Universe :

  • Creative control over the tasks you’re working on, including a lot of input into design decisions.

  • Freedom of working hours.

  • Being on the ground floor of revolutionary new tech and being able to define the Metaverse.

  • Autonomy of how, where, and when you work.

  • Working on cutting-edge engines and technologies.

  • Working in new fields such as NFT, crypto, VR, etc…


Interview Process

2 Rounds of Interview

nodejs c-plus-plus

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Job Type

Full time payroll




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