Senior Solidity Smart Contract Developer

Job Description

Upside is looking for the right Senior Solidity Smart Contract developer to help accelerate work on an open source smart contract protocol. This role requires someone special: an expert developer that consistently ships high quality code, with the ability to maintain a strategic perspective on the why of our features, not just the what.The right developer will have extensive Solidity Smart Contract coding experience, the ability to self-manage and prioritize, clear and consistent communication skills, and a desire to write production level smart contracts that people will use at scale.

Job Responsibilities

  • Own the overall architecture of the Upside platform

  • Effectively communicate the overall architecture to a team of empowered developers through code, lightweight specs, pairing, onboarding, etc.

  • Hands-on leadership through writing code, reviewing pull requests and deploying software

  • Talking to customers with the product team to better understand the problems we are solving for them

  • Enable the collective success of your team, ensuring they’re working on things that will positively impact users

  • Set the standard for the quality of code and provide the framework for ensuring it is met

  • Ensure that individuals on the team are learning, growing, and advancing in their respective careers via coaching and exposure to internal opportunities

  • Collaborate with Product, Design, Customer Success, and Sales to help understand the needs of our prospects and customers and ship world-class solutions

Job Requirements

  • Experience within a start-up in a engineering leadership role (CTO, VP Engineer, technical co-founder)

  • 2+ years of Solidity coding/blockchain experience and Node.js experience

  • 4+ years of experience managing high-performance engineering teams with an agile methodology

  • Proven knowledge of Ethereum Standards such as ERC20 and ERC721, and proficiency with Solidity and EVM-based blockchains

  • Experience with Web3, blockchain or cryptocurrency-specific product development, security audits, merkle trees, gas optimization, meta transaction, multi-signature wallets, and deployment of blockchain projects to mainnet

  • Experience structuring teams to align with company objectives, and measuring their performance

javascript rust solidity hardhat truffle ethers-js

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Job Type

Full time payroll


Smart contract programmer

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