Senior Fullstack Engineer

Job Description

AI is now mainstream. Enterprises and organizations have recognized its potential and are willing to invest significantly to adopt it in their business to boost the bottom line. However, they do not have a way to quickly adopt AI to solve different business problems and need to develop individual solutions from scratch which involves development cycle of months and hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs.

They are building a horizontal platform to leverage AI to solve multiple business problems within the industry and cross-industry. They provide a no-code SaaS platform for businesses to adopt pre-built AI solutions within hours or days. Using Loopr's platform, organizations can quickly leverage AI to reduce QA costs by automating defect or corrosion detection in products like aircraft parts, reduce processing time on the factory floor by digitizing documents in real-time, provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis by automating disease detection in medical reports, and much more. We are looking for a Sr. Fullstack Engineer to join their team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Working with multiple stakeholders like customers, data scientists & product lead to understanding the problem we need to solve and developing a functional design spec & timelines

  • Lead the development and own the end-to-end implementation of the micro-app

  • Develop client-side and server-side application

  • Build the front-end of applications by working closely with UX designer

  • Write backend REST APIs & database integration

  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade applications.

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years of full-stack engineering experience on live production systems/applications

  • Expertise in front-end technologies - HTML, CSS, React JS

  • Experience with any relational SQL Database. MongoDB No SQL is a plus

  • Expertise in backend technologies - Node JS/Nest JS framework/Java script and its ecosystems,

  • Typescript. Python is a plus

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or equivalent

  • Experience in computer/machine vision is a plus

  • Strong understanding of HTTP protocol and REST APIs

  • Ability to design applications, making the application modular effectively using the OOP concepts

  • Strongly inclined towards writing unit tests. Experience with docker is an advantage

sql java javascript python django nodejs mongodb

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