Angular JS Jobs

Pythian Technologies Pvt Ltd

Full Stack Engineer

Post 26/11 Mumbai attacks, India is shoring up its coastal surveillance and maritime intelligence gathering apparatus. The country faces major threats from the sea. We, in partnership with our Israeli counterparts, are developing AI & ML-based solutions which detect suspicious vessels and threats at Sea and automatically alert national security and intelligence networks to take pre-emptive actions. This is an amazingly exciting and interesting challenge to solve, which has several spin-offs in diverse domains. We will assist you with coaching, handholding, and mentorship in the maritime domain before putting you on the job.


mern react-js angular-js nodejs aws jenkins

Apptrics LLC

Jr .Net Developer

  • Apptrics is unique among IT and Business solution providers. With years of IT Solution creation along with deep experience in solving business challenges, Apptrics has positioned itself among the best in IT and Business Process Outsourcing services. By bringing these two centers of excellence together, we have built a suite of technology enabled solutions that drive ROI for our clients and sets Apptrics far ahead of any competition.

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Full Stack Engineer (Java + Angular - Backend Heavy)

Groov in a nutshell is a B2B SaaS provider of aggregated and unified Data and Insights across SMB payment and commerce ecosystem to Financial Institutions (FIs) who serve such SMBs. Use cases range from supporting FIs across Lenders, Banks, Insurers, PSPs/Payment providers, Business Accountancy and Marketplaces who serve small and medium businesses ( aka Merchants).

Overall Groov’s tech stack uses the following: Java, Spring-Boot, Angular, JPA, Liquibase, Kafka, Docker, K8s, AWS and using persistent AWS RDS Postgresql and Mongodb.


4-6 years

java angular-js postgres aws mongodb docker

The 10 Most Transparent Ways to Find a Job as an Angular Js Developer

So you’ve heard about this JavaScript framework called Angular and how it’s the hottest thing in software development right now. You’re ready to leave your old job and find a new one as an Angular developer. But where do you even start? It seems like there are so many jobs out there, but nearly all of them require experience as an Angular developer. And what do they need again? Correct… experience as an Angular developer! Okay, getting nervous now… How can I get that experience if no one is hiring people who don’t have any experience as an Angular developer? Must be some catch-22 here... Hold on… Ah! There we go! Recognize these thoughts? Let me remind you: Anxiety is not the opposite of confidence; it is its cousin. We all struggle with self-doubt and negative self-talk at some point in our lives. When anxiety suffuses your work and home life, however, it can become debilitating. In order to overcome your fears, understand that they are natural and common. If you’re stuck in a rut, take action to regain control by following these 10 steps:

Be transparent about the things you’re good at and the things you want to be good at.

Talk to as many people as you can. You’ll hear all kinds of interesting stories and suggestions that will help light a spark in your mind. Not only will this be helpful for you, but it will also make those people feel good about themselves.

Networking and more networking.

The best way to find a job is to talk to people in your network. Don’t know anyone in your network? No worries! You’re reading this article, which means you’ve taken the first step to networking. You can also attend meetups, events and other networking activities. Networking is about giving more than you take, so make sure you spend time helping others in your network, too.

Apply for remote positions where you don’t need experience initially

There are a few Angular job boards, like We work Remotely and, that feature remote positions that do not require previous experience as an Angular developer. Consider applying if you don’t have the experience but want to work remotely. Be sure to present your skills in a way that’ll get you the gig. And if you do get an interview, make sure to explain your lack of experience in a way that’ll get the hiring manager to feel confident in hiring you.

Know that finding a job is an art, not a science.

The best jobs are advertised online, but you need to know how to find them. Where do you begin? You could start by using or a similar job board. You could also go to LinkedIn and search for companies whose products you love. But what do you put in the “search” box? You need to know three things: 1. What kind of job you want (freelance, part-time, full-time, remote, etc.). 2. Where you want to work. 3. What skills you have that are relevant to what you’re looking for.


Finding the right job can be challenging and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these 10 steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding a job as an Angular developer that’s a good fit for you. Remember, finding a job is an art, not a science, so keep your eyes and ears open, stay optimistic, and use your creativity to your advantage.