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Lead Blockchain Engineer

SERV is here to make sure that the creators, communities, and individuals that are making this happen can flourish. We believe that community safety, whether in our schools, where we work and live, or the digital communities that we join and participate in, is the most critical issue of our time.

This is why we are building a blockchain platform designed to host and facilitate the creation of applications that target the key areas of trust, integrity, and privacy within communities - a security structure that is of the people, by the people, for the people.

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Vibranium Network

Blockchain Developer

We are hiring developers for a distributed team to work FT and fully remotely on an exciting new blockchain project!

We are building a network that revolutionizes how we think about community, influence and wealth using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We are bringing together a network of entrepreneurs, vendors, consumers and creatives that will work together to build wealth, generate capital and fund businesses and communities across the globe.

Our team is made up of technologists, philanthropists, and veterans in the media industry and is based primarily in NYC and LA .

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Core Blockchain Engineer at Cosmos SDK / digital identity startup

We’re looking for a Blockchain Engineer with deep experience working with Golang / Rust and / or within the Cosmos ecosystem to join cheqd.

cheqd is an innovative Web 3.0 startup building private and secure mechanisms for exchanging digital identity online, enabled through a decentralised blockchain network.

The ideal candidate should have a deep interest in open source software, blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi), and self-sovereign identity (SSI) with a passion for establishing entirely new paradigms for how data is handled on the Web.

You would report directly to the CTO and be responsible for designing and building our core ledger software, APIs, and client applications. We are looking for software leaders with broad experience, a desire to shape the culture of a new team, and a passion for mentoring others. This role will require open source collaboration and good communication with ecosystem developers.

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Founding Blockchain Engineer

As a Founding Blockchain Engineer at OpenPool you will work directly with the founders to build the OpenPool on-chain infrastructure. You will build across multiple layer 1 blockchains, writing both on-chain and off-chain logic to build and support new functionality. You’ll also contribute to internal and external tooling as part of our effort to make smart contract programming safer and more maintainable.

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How to become a Dapps Developer?

To become a Dapps developer, one must first become familiar with the Ethereum blockchain and its workings. Once you understand the basics well, you can begin learning to smart code contracts in Solidity.

Once you are comfortable coding in Solidity, you can start building Dapps on the Ethereum network. You will need to use a platform like Truffle or Embark to do this. These platforms allow you to deploy your Dapps to the Ethereum network quickly.

Many resources are available online if you want to learn more about Dapps development. The Ethereum website has an excellent section on Dapps development, which includes tutorials and other helpful information. Alternatively, many YouTube channels cover Dapps development tutorials (such as Dapps University).

What skills do you need to be a Dapps developer?

To become a Dapps developer, you must understand blockchain technology and how it works. Additionally, you will need to be well-versed in programming languages such as Solidity and JavaScript. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to have experience with developing web applications. You can begin looking for remote Dapps jobs on various websites once you have gained all the relevant skills.

What are the benefits of being a Dapps developer?

There are many benefits to being a Dapps developer. First and foremost, Dapps developers get to work on some of the most innovative and cutting-edge projects in the blockchain space. This means they constantly learn new things and expand their skill sets. Additionally, Dapps developers often have a lot of freedom and flexibility regarding their work. They can often set their hours and work from anywhere in the world. Finally, Dapps developers tend to be well compensated for their work. This is due to the high demand for talented Dapps developers and the relatively small pool of qualified individuals.

How to find remote Dapps jobs

There are a few different ways to find remote Dapps jobs. The first way is to search online job boards. Some popular job boards that list Dapps development jobs include Indeed, Dice, Upwork, and ultraGenius. ultraGenius provides the top remote developer jobs to help you advance in your Dapps career. Get full-time, remote Dapps developer jobs with greater pay and career progression by joining a network of the greatest engineers in the world. Another way to find Dapps job vacancies is to search for "Dapps development" on LinkedIn.This will bring up a list of companies hiring for Dapps developers. Finally, you can reach out to companies directly and inquire about open Dapps developer positions.