Defi Jobs


Solidity Engineer / Smart Contract

We are seeking a talented solidity developer to compliment our existing technical team. You will be responsible for working and enhancing our existing escrow smart contract to perform different programmatic payments and forking and maintaining a rebasing token protocol. This role requires elaborate software engineering skills, a true passion for innovative technology and a keen understanding of industry trends in CeFi and DeFi.

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Senior Solidity Engineer

MetaStreet is fully funded by prominent VC's in the industry and has partnered with primary NFT collateral marketplaces. Simply put, MetaStreet team members have the tools needed to succeed.

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Solana Software Engineer

Our management structure is relatively flat so you can expect to have some impact in any of the positions we're opening. You will join the blockchain team focusing on the platform and its expansion, working directly with the CTO.

If you are passionate about DeFi, a team player and eager to learn new things in a challenging environment, we would love to have you in our team.

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Full-stack/Web3 Software Engineer

We're working with regulated entities in Europe, have sound development practices, contribute to Open Source, provide state of the art hardware and pay competitive salaries and benefits with flexible working hours. We can also sponsor equipment to enhance home office setup for remote teams.

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Ethereum Software Engineer

If you are passionate about DeFi, a team player and eager to learn new things in a challenging environment, we would love to have you in our team.

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Blockchain Architect

We are recruiting an experienced Blockchain Architect to join our experienced team. You should have a passion for blockchain technology and fundamentally believe in the importance of bringing privacy into the blockchain space, with a drive to join a solution-oriented team.

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Founding Blockchain Engineer

As a Founding Blockchain Engineer at OpenPool you will work directly with the founders to build the OpenPool on-chain infrastructure. You will build across multiple layer 1 blockchains, writing both on-chain and off-chain logic to build and support new functionality. You’ll also contribute to internal and external tooling as part of our effort to make smart contract programming safer and more maintainable.

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Senior Blockchain Developer

In partnership with a world-class team of decentralized system and client engineers, you will be responsible for building the Web3 applications for a groundbreaking consumer identity application.

The Senior Blockchain Engineer is a technology leader with in-depth knowledge of the Web3 platform and best practices. This high-impact role will drive the development and continued improvement of our blockchain platform and build new applications in Solidity or equivalent. You will be working with other front-end, mobile, and backend developers to build a comprehensive web3 application solution.

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Smart Contract Auditor

We are looking for a general Smart Contract Engineer / Auditor who will be reviewing security of the various smart contracts and protocols within the DeFi ecosystem. This candidate will provide insights in establishing best practices for security culture within the industry. This role will contribute how security is defined when building decentralized software.

The ideal candidate knows how the EVM works and the risks which can lead to vulnerabilities. Having an understanding of the DeFi ecosystem and exploitations techniques is a big plus. This role would report to our tech lead.

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