Hardhat Blockchain Remote Jobs


Smart Contract Engineer

As a smart contract engineer, you will be working on attractive product offerings that may involve integration with other protocols. You will also be actively involved in the risk assessment of the protocol to ensure the safety of our product is of top priority.

Our team is a tenacious, geeky, and optimistic group, working towards a decentralized financial future. You’ll be joining a highly technical team that values shipping beautiful, usable products to give people real control over their financial future.

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Senior Solidity Engineer

MetaStreet is fully funded by prominent VC's in the industry and has partnered with primary NFT collateral marketplaces. Simply put, MetaStreet team members have the tools needed to succeed.

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Ethereum Software Engineer

If you are passionate about DeFi, a team player and eager to learn new things in a challenging environment, we would love to have you in our team.

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Senior Solidity Engineer

We are recruiting an experienced Senior Solidity Engineer to join our engineering team of experienced developers. You must ideally have experience developing complex smart contracts successfully deployed to mainnet. Your code will be clear, well-formatted, and commented, and you will provide accompanying documentation. You should have a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and a drive to join a solution-oriented team.

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Blockchain Developer

We are recruiting an experienced Blockchain Developer to join our team of experienced developers. You must ideally have experience developing complex blockchain solutions which have been successfully deployed to mainnet. Your code will be clear, well-formatted, and commented, and you will provide accompanying documentation. You should have a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and a drive to join a solution-oriented team.

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Smart Contract Auditor

We are looking for a general Smart Contract Engineer / Auditor who will be reviewing security of the various smart contracts and protocols within the DeFi ecosystem. This candidate will provide insights in establishing best practices for security culture within the industry. This role will contribute how security is defined when building decentralized software.

The ideal candidate knows how the EVM works and the risks which can lead to vulnerabilities. Having an understanding of the DeFi ecosystem and exploitations techniques is a big plus. This role would report to our tech lead.

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Smart Contract Engineer

We have a transparent pay structure with above market salaries and premium benefits. We've all been part of many startups before, so we care a lot about making sure everyone is treated fairly - when it comes to equity, founders have no meaningful advantage over the rest of the employees. You'll have tremendous ability to take part in changing the world, and we believe that deserves meaningful ownership.

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Senior Solidity Smart Contract Developer

Upside is looking for the right Senior Solidity Smart Contract developer to help accelerate work on an open source smart contract protocol. This role requires someone special: an expert developer that consistently ships high quality code, with the ability to maintain a strategic perspective on the why of our features, not just the what.The right developer will have extensive Solidity Smart Contract coding experience, the ability to self-manage and prioritize, clear and consistent communication skills, and a desire to write production level smart contracts that people will use at scale.

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Ondo Finance

Senior Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)

Ondo Finance is building a DeFi protocol providing a suite of decentralized investment banking products and services to connect institutional investors and token issuers. We have just scratched the surface of opportunity in DeFi with services like lending, trading, and basic derivatives. We see a huge opportunity to bring a wider array of products from traditional finance to DeFi and create new financial primitives. Our first products are structured finance instruments that enable risk-mitigated or leveraged single-asset yield-generating positions, as well as provide liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) to other crypto projects and select DAO’s.

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Hardhat Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm in the past few years. And with good reason – blockchain is a secure, efficient way to store and transmit data. So many industries are turning to blockchain to streamline their operations. But what does it take to become a hardhat blockchain developer? The skills and qualifications you need to enter this exciting field. We'll also provide some resources to help you start your journey and how you can find Hardhat software jobs if you're ready to learn how to become a hardhat blockchain developer.

How to become a Hardhat Developer?

If you want to become a Hardhat Developer, you first need to understand what Hardhat is. Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy smart contracts.
Next, you must learn Solidity, the programming language for writing smart contracts. Many resources are available online for learning Solidity, including the official Solidity documentation.
Once you have learned Solidity, you can start developing smart contracts using the Hardhat Development Environment. The Hardhat Development Environment includes various tools to make development easier, such as an integrated debugger and testing tools.
If you want to deploy your smart contracts on the Ethereum main net, you must use the Hardhat CLI (Command Line Interface). The Hardhat CLI allows you to compile and deploy smart contracts with just a few commands.
Finally, once your smart contracts are deployed on the Ethereum main net, you can use them just like any other Ethereum contract. You can interact with them using an Ethereum wallet or a web3 interface like MetaMask.

How to get a Hardhat Blockchain Remote Job?

There are many ways to get hardhat software jobs. The best way to find out is to look online or ask around in the blockchain community. Many websites list Remote Hardhat Jobs, some of which are specific to the blockchain industry.
If you know someone who works at Hardhat Blockchain, ask them if they know of any openings. It'sHaving a personal connection when applying for a job is always helpful.
UltraGenius has made it a little easier for you to locate hardhat software jobs. We provide the top Remote Developer jobs to help you advance in your careers.
Many job boards list remote jobs. Indeed and Glassdoor are two of the most popular ones. You can search for "Hardhat Engineer Jobs" on either of these websites and see what comes up.
Once you've found a few potential jobs, it's time to apply. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored to the specific job you're applying for. In your cover letter, mention your interest in working remotely.
If you get an interview, be prepared to talk about your experience with blockchain technology and why you think you'd be a good fit for the position. Remember, it's important to sell yourself during the interview process!
After the interview process is complete, it's time to wait for a decision from Hardhat Blockchain. Please follow up with them if you don't hear back within a reasonable time.


Becoming a Hardhat Blockchain Developer is a great option if you're looking for a challenging and rewarding blockchain development career. With the right skills and training, you can become an expert in this cutting-edge field and help create the future of decentralized applications. If you're ready to take on the challenge, we hope our tips have helped you start your journey to becoming a Hardhat Blockchain Developer.