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Backend Developer - Will

The client is seeking an experienced backend developer to take care of the Backend stuff and data. The platform includes ingesting and processing various energy data sources, publishing external APIs, and building user interfaces related to Apple home kits

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Crypto SmartLife

Engineering Head

Promising High growth potential funded Pre-seed Fintech/crypto startup based out of Singapore & India. The current founding team includes ex- employees from IBM, AnZ Bank, Google, JPMC, Verizon, etc. Looking to expand the core founding and leadership team! We are looking for an Engineering Head to join their team.

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5 Tips for Landing Your First iOS Development Job

Are you looking for an iOS development job that excites you, and also gives you a great work-life balance? Finding the right job can be challenging, but with dedication and perseverance anyone can land their dream job. As an iOS developer, you are in high demand because of the high number of mobile apps being developed every year. Getting hired as an iOS developer isn’t easy; the competition is steep and it’s not enough to have coding skills. You must demonstrate your value beyond your technical abilities during the interview process. Here are 5 tips that will help you get your dream job as an iOS developer:

Become an expert in iOS development

When hiring managers hire iOS developers, they want to hire someone who is not only good at writing code, but also someone who understands the architecture of iOS apps. Having a strong knowledge of the iOS framework and architecture will help you write cleaner code. With cleaner code you can also increase the speed of your development cycles. You can also use best practices during your development cycles, which will help you produce a more robust and scalable code. Knowing iOS inside out will also help you to troubleshoot issues that may appear during your testing cycles. Becoming an expert in iOS development will help you to solve issues with less effort. This will also save you time and money.

Know your skills and strengths

When you know what your skills and strengths are, you can then focus on leveraging them during the interview process. During the interview process, you are selling yourself. You need to showcase your value, and why you are the best candidate for the job, above the other candidates. You can do this by showcasing your skills and strengths that are related to the job. For example, if you are applying for a job that requires managing a team of developers, showcase your experience managing teams by discussing how you did it in the past. This will demonstrate that you have the skills and abilities needed for the job. Explain how you overcame challenges in the past, and how you overcame them. This will demonstrate that you are resilient and can handle pressure. Managing teams and working under pressure requires strong communication skills. Demonstrate your communication skills during the interview process by asking questions and by explaining your thought process related to the job. These two skills will help you during the job interview process.

Network like crazy

Landing the job of your dreams starts with networking. You can’t just sit and wait for job opportunities to come to you. You have to proactively network with hiring managers, hiring personnel, and recruiters. Speaking at conferences and networking with people in your field of expertise will also help you build relationships. You can then leverage these relationships to get introduced to hiring managers and hiring personnel. You can also use job websites to find job opportunities in your area. You can also use job websites to find companies that are looking to hire iOS developers.


Landing your dream job as an iOS developer isn’t easy. You must become an expert in iOS development, know your skills and strengths, and network like crazy. Become an expert in iOS development so that you can solve issues during testing cycles more efficiently. Know your skills and strengths and how you can leverage them during the interview process. Networking like crazy will help you find opportunities that are available for you to get hired.