Node Js Jobs


Back-end Software Engineer (Node.js/PSQL)

We are seeking a talented Back-end Engineer to join our growing team. As a Back-end Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining scalable and robust back-end systems that power our products and services. You will work closely with other engineers and cross-functional teams to build and deliver high-quality software solutions.

javascript nodejs postgres aws


Full stack engineer

We need a Fullstack Engineer with proficiency in Backend.

mern react-js nodejs aws mongodb expressjs firebase

BB Social

Senior Fullstack Engineer

We are looking for a software developer/engineer to join our stellar team. The right candidates will have a lot of autonomy and leadership on the engineering team.

react-native nodejs flutter fullstack

Timechain labs

Backend Developer

As a backend developer at TimeChain Labs, you will be working with the team and designing, developing, and deploying OpenAPI compatible APIs protected with API keys, built using Javascript scripts  

golang javascript nodejs aws

Backend Developer (PostgreSQL, Hasura)

What do we look for in you?

2-3 years of proven and progressive experience in backend Development. Experience in any backend technology like Node, Django, PostgreSQL, Python, Hasura, Graphql, etc. Experience in writing unit test cases and deploying code to servers. Learning aptitude and interest in machine learning. 

python django nodejs postgres aws


Tech Lead

We’re looking for an experienced tech lead who has developed, successfully launched, and grown lifestyle consumer mobile apps and is looking to join a mission-driven company aimed at benefitting the future of humanity on a global scale.

swift react-js nodejs redux

Loopr AI

Senior Fullstack Engineer

AI is now mainstream. Enterprises and organizations have recognized its potential and are willing to invest significantly to adopt it in their business to boost the bottom line. However, they do not have a way to quickly adopt AI to solve different business problems and need to develop individual solutions from scratch which involves development cycle of months and hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs.

They are building a horizontal platform to leverage AI to solve multiple business problems within the industry and cross-industry. They provide a no-code SaaS platform for businesses to adopt pre-built AI solutions within hours or days. Using Loopr's platform, organizations can quickly leverage AI to reduce QA costs by automating defect or corrosion detection in products like aircraft parts, reduce processing time on the factory floor by digitizing documents in real-time, provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis by automating disease detection in medical reports, and much more. We are looking for a Sr. Fullstack Engineer to join their team.

sql java javascript python django nodejs mongodb

Atom Universe

Senior Metaverse / Web3 & Backend Developer

  • Atom Universe is a white-label Metaverse engine that helps top brands launch exceptional experiences for their audiences while keeping control of user data, and with PlayStation-grade quality graphics running on mobile, VR and desktop.

  • Atom Universe is a Techstars 2022 company that started as the leading Metaverse on PlayStation, with 2 million downloads: we bring to brands the best practices of the gaming industry and enable them to beat their competitors by launching a dedicated Metaverse in less than 30 days.

  • Our clients include the biggest names in entertainment, sport, and consumer brands as well as event management agencies working for amazing brands. 

  • We are looking for a Senior Metaverse / Web3 & Backend Developer.

nodejs c-plus-plus


Backend Software Engineer

  • At Mintted we have created a social exchange platform where artists can tokenize their communities and allow their fans to become true partners of their work. We are looking for a Backend Software Engineer to join their team. 

  • We are looking for someone who breathes Backend NodeJS software development and is very proud of their system architecture skills! We want clean, modular, and reusable code. The key knowledge area needed is SailsJS. We are a completely decentralized team, working remotely with great freedom in working hours, but with deep respect and value for work delivery. 

nodejs aws

Sylon Capital


The company is a micro-investing robo advisor app startup for Android and IOS that uses automation tools to facilitate long-term investing in diversified portfolios. The user-friendly platform will target young, tech-savvy, and provide them with an opportunity to save and invest on the go.

The MVP is already made. They are looking for someone that can understand the code and be able to handle it when we start operations.

Their below-market salary will be compensated with the corresponding equity, so we are looking for someone who believes in the company's mission and vision.

nodejs aws mongodb expressjs

The 5 Best Ways to Get Node.js jobs

Are you interested in learning the Node.js platform and exploring opportunities that involve this technology? Whether you’re new to the world of coding or an experienced software engineer, getting the right job can be challenging. With so many jobs available, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. However, as demand for developers who know how to work with Node continues growing, there are a number of ways to find employment if you’re willing to put in some time and effort. Keep reading for more information about how you can get a job with Node.js today.

Learn the basics of Node.js

When you’re first exploring job opportunities that involve Node.js, the first thing you’ll want to do is learn the basics of this platform. This will help you to better understand the job listings you come across, and will make it easier to communicate with hiring managers. The most important thing to understand about Node.js is that it’s built on top of Google’s V8 Engine. With this in mind, you can think of Node as an environment for writing a variety of different types of applications that are powered by JavaScript code. If you’re interested in getting a job with Node, one of the best things you can do is learn more about the language and syntax that is used to write code for this platform.

Network, network, network

If you want to get a job with Node, you’ll want to start by building your network. This will help you to find opportunities, receive advice, and gain the support you need to land the right job that is right for you. The best way to build a network is to get out there and start talking with people who are currently working in your field. You can do this at meetups, conferences, and online on sites such as LinkedIn. You can also use social media to connect with people who are working with Node. To begin, you’ll want to follow relevant hashtags, accounts, and forums on Twitter and learn more by reading what other people are saying about Node. You can also use Facebook groups and platforms such as Reddit to connect with other developers and those who are interested in the field.

Find remote work opportunities

If you’re interested in getting a job with Node, but would prefer to work remotely, you’ll want to search for opportunities that allow you to work from home. There are a number of websites that specialize in connecting remote workers with companies that are looking for people in this field. When you’re searching for remote work opportunities, keep an eye out for companies that are using Node. This will help you to find work that’s related to your field of expertise. One of the best ways to find remote work opportunities is to create a profile on a platform such as Upwork or Freelancer. From here, you can begin to look for work opportunities and start building your network as a remote worker. While you’re working to get your name out there, you can also create a portfolio by completing freelance projects for companies that are using Node. This will help you to show hiring managers that you have the skills and experience they’re looking for.

Try hackathons and code meetups

If you’re interested in getting a job with Node, you may want to try attending hackathons and code meetups. These events are a great way to meet new people and show hiring managers that you have the skills and experience they’re looking for. Participating in hackathons and code meetups is also a great way to learn more about Node. Another benefit of attending these events is that many of them offer cash prizes for the best teams or individuals. With this in mind, attending these events is a great way to earn extra money while you’re looking for a job. You can find a list of upcoming events by doing an online search. From here, you can decide which events are most convenient for you to attend and begin networking with other people who are attending these events.


Getting the right job can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that there are many opportunities available if you are willing to put in the effort. You’ll want to begin by learning the basics of the Node.js platform, building your network, and attending hackathons and code meetups. Beyond this, you can also try searching for remote work opportunities and attending open source events.