Python Jobs


Pyth - Senior Data Engineer

As a Senior Data Engineer, you will hold a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining our data platform, supporting critical data-driven decision-making processes across the organization. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, analysts, and software engineers, ensuring the smooth flow of data and optimizing data pipelines. The ideal candidate will possess a strong background in data engineering, with proven expertise in Kafka, Java (including Spring Boot), Data Pipelines, AWS, and ETL processes. Familiarity with Python, NodeJS, and a willingness to challenge decisions, work independently, and mentor junior team members will be highly valued.

python nodejs aws


Technical Support Engineer

We are looking for a Technical Support Engineer with a passion for resolving technical and non technical questions and customer satisfaction to join our business unit team.

As a customer support engineer you’ll be working with multiple and different B2B and B2G customers in the Insurance, commercial, governmental and supply chain sectors . Your main responsibilities will be to maintain customers' SLA, investigate and resolve technical issues and achieve high customer satisfaction. You’ll be doing that by promoting customer requests and analyzing and personalizing the company’s solutions to the customer needs.

sql python typescript


UK client- Machine Learning Software Engineer

The client is a company from the UK on a mission to bring excellence and joy to the enterprise. We are a fully remote team spread across the UK and Europe. We value innovation and uncompromising professional excellence. Work at FileSpin is challenging, fun and highly rewarding. Come and be part of a unique company that is redefining what work is.

We are looking for a highly skilled Machine Learning Software Engineer to join our Computer Vision team. This role will involve working closely with our engineering and data science teams to develop, train, and deploy machine learning models for image processing, face recognition, emotion detection, and other advanced visual computing tasks.

tensorflow python aws pytorch


UK client - DevOps Engineer - Cloud Deployment Specialist

The client is a company from the UK on a mission to bring excellence and joy to the enterprise. We are a fully remote team spread across the UK and Europe. We value innovation and uncompromising professional excellence. Work at FileSpin is challenging, fun and highly rewarding. Come and be part of a unique company that is redefining what work is.

We are seeking a talented DevOps Engineer with expertise in AWS and other cloud providers. If you're passionate about streamlining development processes, optimizing cloud infrastructure, and ensuring the reliability of deployments, we want you to join our team.

As a DevOps Engineer - Cloud Deployment Specialist, you will play a crucial role in our software development lifecycle by designing, implementing, and maintaining automated deployment workflows. Your expertise in DevOps best practices, AWS security, and Terraform will enable us to achieve faster and more reliable releases.

sql devops python django aws mongodb


Singapore - Lead Business Consultant

The client is a Global Management and Delivery Group, as well as a Recruitment Agency in APAC, specializing in Financial Services. With offices in Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Geneva, Zurich, and Singapore, Taleo Group provides to its clients the combination of a unique blend of industry expertise, top level consultants, best-in-class transformation skills and a unique working culture. Our goal is to improve our Client efficiency in governance, management and execution.



Anil - Technical Business Analyst

The client is a Singapore-based entity looking to launch their MVP



Backend Software Engineer - K Robot

We are looking for a Backend engineer with 3+ years of experience 

sql python aws mongodb docker expressjs


Senior Software Engineer - Sean

We're looking for a thoughtful and creative Senior Engineer to join our team. You are someone who feels pride in writing code you are proud of, you enjoy creating new user experiences and solving fun technical problems. You lean into opportunities to learn unfamiliar technologies in order to solve a wide range of problems. You care first and foremost about doing what’s necessary to enable Gooey.AI to make Generative AI accessible to everyone. You delight in helping people and having a joyful work environment.

nlp devops python react-js django


Automation Engineer

We are constantly looking for amazing folks who can join us and help bring value to the many products we are working with. With this Job post, we want to invite all Automation Test Engineers who have expertise in Automation.

sql java python

Backend Developer (PostgreSQL, Hasura)

What do we look for in you?

2-3 years of proven and progressive experience in backend Development. Experience in any backend technology like Node, Django, PostgreSQL, Python, Hasura, Graphql, etc. Experience in writing unit test cases and deploying code to servers. Learning aptitude and interest in machine learning. 

python django nodejs postgres aws

The Future of Python Jobs - What You Need to Know Now


New job trends are emerging every day, and artificial intelligence is transforming almost every sector of the economy. Computer programmers with AI expertise are in high demand right now, and Python developers are no exception. A recent article by TechVista pointed out that Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages for data science jobs. As more organizations begin using Python to analyze data sets and create intelligent software, demand for Python programmers will only continue to rise. But what does this mean for you if you’re thinking about a career as a Python programmer? How can you stay ahead of the game and make sure your skills are relevant even in a rapidly changing world? Let’s take a look at some important considerations you should make before entering the world of Python jobs.


What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language developed in the early 1990s. It’s considered a high-level language because it abstracts many common programming tasks and simplifies them. It’s one of the most popular programming languages in the world, with an emphasis on clear syntax and readability. The most common use for Python is creating web applications, although it’s also used in many other contexts. Python is commonly used in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. However, it’s also used in backend engineering and in other types of software development. Beyond the world of software engineering, Python is also increasingly being used in the fields of scientific research, education, and robotics. It’s easily readable by humans, making it a great language for beginners to learn.


Which Skills are Most Important for Python Jobs?

Many job descriptions for Python positions will include skills like SQL, data science, machine learning, and Linux. It’s important to note that these skills are not necessarily unique to Python. They’re just as relevant to other programming languages. However, they are still important skills to have. - SQL - If you’ve ever used a relational database, then you already know SQL. It’s one of the most common programming languages in the world and one that Python programmers use frequently. - Data science - Data science is a field that encompasses a wide variety of skills. The most important of these for Python programmers is data visualization. This includes skills like graphing and making charts with Python code. - Machine learning - This branch of AI is used to train software to make more accurate predictions. If your Python job description includes machine learning, then you’ll want to make sure your skills include R and/or TensorFlow. - Linux - Linux is a type of computer operating system commonly used in server environments. Python programmers often need to install and configure Linux software.


The Pros and Cons of a Career in Python Programming

Pros of a Career in Python Programming - Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. There are thousands of software engineers who use Python as their primary language. This means there’s a large community of people to learn from and collaborate with. It’s easy to find a job as a Python programmer. The demand for Python developers is high, and there are many employers looking for Python programmers. Python is a great language for beginners. It’s one of the easiest languages to learn. This makes it a great starting point for someone who has never programmed before. Cons of a Career in Python Programming - Python is primarily used for web development. This means that although you may have a large number of job options, many of them will be similar. Additionally, the language may become outdated as more modern technologies appear.


Key Takeaways

The future of Python jobs is bright. The language is growing in popularity, and will likely continue to be a relevant skill for years to come. If you’re interested in a career as a Python programmer, make sure to brush up on your SQL, data science, machine learning, and Linux skills. Remember that these skills apply to other languages as well. Finally, remember that any career path has its pros and cons. Python may be a great career choice for you, but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for what comes with it as well.