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Founding Smart Contract Engineer

We believe in an open structure and you will be able to grow into the roles that most align with their goals. Our team members at all levels have the freedom to explore ideas and impact the roadmap and vision of our company.

In your application please share any DAOs or open source projects you have contributed to.

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Dynasty Studios

Lead Blockchain Engineer

We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer to manage and mentor our blockchain engineering team and be an active part designing the architecture of our solution. The candidate will also manage and communicate with different outsourcing companies involved in the development of our smart contacts and blockchain solution.

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Blockchain Architect

We are looking for a Blockchain Architect to join the Republic Crypto Technical Due Diligence department in shaping the future of Web3 and blockchain industries. You will be part of a highly professional team of blockchain experts to vet the cutting-edge blockchain projects and scrutinize blockchain architecture of protocols at the code level and the design of mechanisms at the level of economic models. 

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Senior Solidity Engineer

Autonomy needs a Shadowy Super Coder to lead the Solidity work! Since Autonomy itself is already live, the remaining work is in adoption, so we're helping dapps integrate us. In general, automating something with Autonomy means creating a wrapper contract that adds conditions to some target system - we'll need you to help build these contracts to help support new use cases on Autonomy! This means that you'll have an incredible variety of work, working directly with the biggest names in DeFi and crypto gaming.

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Solidity Engineer / Smart Contract

We are seeking a talented solidity developer to compliment our existing technical team. You will be responsible for working and enhancing our existing escrow smart contract to perform different programmatic payments and forking and maintaining a rebasing token protocol. This role requires elaborate software engineering skills, a true passion for innovative technology and a keen understanding of industry trends in CeFi and DeFi.

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Ethereum Smart Contract Developer

Smart contract being critical pieces of software, you will need to follow rigorous security processes. You will need an extremem attention to details. Keeping up to date with solidity and new vulnerability types will be crucial.

The Ethereum ecosystem is innovating quickly; so above all, you will be learning new things all the time.

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Solidity Developer

We’re looking to hire Solidity Developers to join our team. This is a full-time, remote position.

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Senior Solidity Engineer

MetaStreet is fully funded by prominent VC's in the industry and has partnered with primary NFT collateral marketplaces. Simply put, MetaStreet team members have the tools needed to succeed.

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