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Frontend JS Software Engineer

  • Work in JavaScript primarily

  • Ship UIs in Vue.js, often using Bootstrap components

  • Care is deeply about crafting beautiful user interfaces

  • Obsess micro-interactions and animations

  • Are extremely supportive, especially when teammates are faced with new challenges

  • Leave no opportunity to sneak jokes into the source code

  • Are left to autonomously figure out solutions to their challenges

  • Think hard about every problem and its solution from the user’s perspective

  • Value clear and frequent communication (we do a lot of reading and writing)

  • Enjoy being a generalist and are not tied down to a specific framework or surface area of our codebase

  • Are naturally curious and willing to learn something they don’t have experience in

  • Feel a great sense of accountability to each other

  • Have good judgment of when to ship: perfect is the enemy of good

  • Bonus: Have a fundamental understanding of Linux/Docker/networking

vue javascript react-js

Media Backoffice Inc

Full Stack Engineer - Backend

It is a web-based service that provides free background removal AI and manual edit service followed by the AI result.

If customers are not satisfied with the result, our human operators in India will tweak/modify the result based on the customers' instruction input. We are looking for a developer to help us improve the web app.

python django postgres aws

Media Backoffice Inc

Front-End Developer

Media Backoffice, Inc. offers digital image processing services for media-related fields such as publishing, advertising, and e-commerce.


javascript react-native

sky gate

Vue Developer

  • Developing web applications in Vue.js

  • Focusing on clean, readable code

  • Utilizing the best architectural patterns like TDD

  • Work directly with the client from the US 

  • Being part of crucial project decisions: designing architecture, choosing frameworks and tools

vue javascript typescript


Founding Frontend Engineer (ReactJS)

AlgoTest is an algorithmic options trading platform for Indian retail traders. For the first time ever, day traders will be able to trade using the same technology as the top hedge funds and high-frequency trading firms of the world. We are looking for a Founding Frontend Engineer to join their team.

react-js nextjs

Denken Solutions

UI Developer

Denken Solutions, Inc offers Staffing Services, SAP Solutions, and Digital Transformation Services.

javascript react-js typescript

Apptrics LLC

Jr .Net Developer

  • Apptrics is unique among IT and Business solution providers. With years of IT Solution creation along with deep experience in solving business challenges, Apptrics has positioned itself among the best in IT and Business Process Outsourcing services. By bringing these two centers of excellence together, we have built a suite of technology enabled solutions that drive ROI for our clients and sets Apptrics far ahead of any competition.

sql c-sharp java dotnet angular-js


DevOps Engineer

  • You are comfortable automating and maintaining cloud infrastructures. You are passionate about learning tools and services, with superb troubleshooting skills, enthusiasm for automating everything, and a sense of ownership.

Bash ruby golang java python kubernetes aws docker


Data Engineer

As a market leader in pioneering water and housing products, Lixil Group’s mission is to make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. One of its corporate startups, GROHE’s SenseGuard, is looking for a skilled Data Engineer to ensure speed and quality in the development of its data landscape.



Mobile App Developer

Shreem's next-gen social, sports app:

  1. Shreem allows users to earn SHRM for the actions they take in the app, such as sharing sports image highlights, commenting on content, participating in contests, etc.

  2. SHRM can be used in-app for promoting/boosting content (or can pay via credit card)

  3. Today, for most cryptos - less than 1% of HODLers own 99% of the crypto, which is WORSE than the existing money system. For SHRM crypto - 23% of total supply is put into the Shreem Earth fund. Users with SHRM in-app can submit projects to help the Earth & vote on them. Winning projects are awarded additional SHRM!

  4. App is developed in React Native + Firebase

react-native firebase